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Mastering Marketing Communication: The Best Email and SMS Software

November 29, 2023

Mastering Marketing Communication: The Best Email and SMS Software

Email and SMS software are both useful tools in the marketing world. However, many companies fail to use both properly. Many think that email and SMS require separate tools and processes. But there is software that can synchronize them and allow you to use both together.

Looking for the best software for email and SMS marketing? Norby is your premier solution, offering a cross-channel marketing platform that allows you to use both email marketing and SMS marketing effectively.

There are many advantages to a unified marketing platform that has both email and SMS. In this article, we'll explore the importance of these direct marketing tools, why you should integrate both marketing channels into your strategy, and why Norby should be your unified email and SMS software.

The Synergy of Email and SMS Marketing

SMS and email software work great on their own, but when combined into a bulk email and SMS software, they make your communication and engagement even better. No two people are the same — some prefer the convenience of SMS, while others enjoy the traditional email. Using both allows you to cater to these individual needs. Beyond customer preferences, this is how email and SMS marketing software differ:

  • Reach and accessibility: Email provides a platform for detailed and formal communication. You can include comprehensive information, attachments, and visuals within an email. SMS offers a more direct and immediate approach. Use it for concise and urgent messages that need to be read promptly.
  • Personalization: Email is great for in-depth personalization. You can address recipients by name, segment audiences, and tailor content based on preferences. SMS also allows personalized messages with more focus on brevity. Provide quick updates and personalized offers using SMS methods.
  • Timely communication: Email is well-suited for scheduled or less time-sensitive communication. Think of newsletters, updates, or promotional materials. Alternatively, if you need to deliver time-sensitive messages like alerts, reminders, or limited-time offers, SMS is your best bet.
  • Interactive engagement: Both excel in interactive engagement but with different methods. Email supports multimedia content, links, and calls to action. You can also send out surveys, forms, or links to additional resources. SMS is more concise and is effective for simple surveys or quick feedback.

Did you know that marketing emails have a significant impact on consumer behavior? In a recent survey by SalesCycle, 59% of respondents confirmed that marketing emails influence their purchasing decisions. As for SMS marketing, according to Gartner, SMS open and response rates are a massive 98% and 45%, respectively. Impressive, right?

Norby's inbox feature is an omnichannel approach. You can manage both email and SMS audiences as well as Instagram DMs. Edit contacts, attach new emails, and more. You'll be able to view your email and SMS all in one platform. Plus, you can engage in user-by-user communications and activities. It's a cool feature that gives you a unified experience in managing diverse audiences.

Choosing the best email and SMS marketing software can make all the difference for your campaigns. But you'll need the right tools and features. Consider things like:

  • Personalization and segmentation through methods like list building and targeting by behavior
  • Analytics and reporting by tracking performance and return on investment (ROI)
  • Sign-ups and forms to convert more customers
  • Unlimited contacts to build your subscriber list without limitations

Email Marketing With Norby

Email marketing software — a tale as old as time. Well, not exactly. But it has been around since 1978. Technology has come a long way since then. Times have changed, and so too have marketing efforts. Yet email is still the go-to communication method for many people — and using it can fuel your overall inbound strategy.

Since email marketing is no longer the top choice of digital marketing method, it's important to use tools that make it more useful. With Norby at your side, you'll get access to top-notch email marketing capabilities like:

  • Personalization: Norby empowers your email marketing strategy with robust personalization features. Tailor your messages to individual recipients, address them by name, and deliver content that aligns with their preferences.
  • Analytics: Gain valuable insights and enhance your decision-making with Norby's comprehensive analytics tools. Track email campaign performance in real time. Measure open, click-through, and conversion rates to refine and optimize campaigns.
  • Content: Diversify your offerings with Norby. Create landing pages, start a newsletter, or collect signups and forms, all of which can be sent through email.

Norby has helped many entrepreneurs and small businesses with their email marketing. Take, for example, Aliza Licht. Through our platform, Aliza was able to build her subscriber list and launch her latest book. She created unique signup pages and compiled a database of contact information, which she used to market her book and make it a success.

Along with Norby's tools, don't forget to adhere to email marketing best practices. This includes creating personalized and engaging content.

SMS Marketing With Norby

Norby's capabilities don't stop at email marketing. With Norby, you get SMS marketing features too. SMS is nice because it provides you with a direct line of communication with your subscribers.

There are a few things you need to do first. For example, you have to get permission before you can text someone. But once you get the hang of SMS best practices, you can boost engagement and increase sales conversions.

SMS marketing with Norby also brings you features like:

  • Bulk SMS
  • Two-way messaging
  • Mobile keywords
  • SMS automation

As with our email marketing tools, many people have found success with SMS marketing through Norby. Doone Roisin, host of the Female Startup Club podcast, was able to grow her podcast subscriber list. Using Norby's SMS tool, she was able to reach 129 SMS inboxes.

Seamless Integration

Norby's integration of email and SMS empowers businesses to create cohesive, data-driven marketing strategies that elevate customer engagement and drive better results. Here's how:

  • Bulk SMS: Effortlessly send out mass text messages to your audience. Your message will reach your recipients promptly and efficiently.
  • Two-way messaging: Two-way messaging allows for interactive communication, where customers can respond and engage directly with your brand.
  • Seamless integration: Businesses can now unify their marketing efforts across these channels for a comprehensive approach.
  • Data consistency: Collectively analyze customer preferences, engagement metrics, and behavior patterns to keep data consistent across channels.
  • Improved customer experience: Offering a unified experience enhances customer engagement. Businesses can provide cohesive and complementary email and SMS campaigns so that both channels align efficiently.
  • Efficiency and cohesiveness: Managing both email and SMS campaigns from a single platform streamlines workflows and improves efficiency. Create, schedule, and analyze campaigns across channels seamlessly.
  • Enhanced reach and engagement: Leveraging email and SMS in tandem maximizes outreach and engagement. Whether it's a personalized email or a quick, targeted SMS, Norby enables businesses to reach customers effectively on their preferred communication channels.

Personalization and Targeting

Norby empowers personalized messages in email and SMS through dynamic content, segmentation, and behavioral triggers. This tailored approach boosts engagement and conversions by offering relevant content that resonates with individual preferences, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With Norby's analytics, you can track real-time metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversions for both email and SMS. These insights enable data-driven decisions, optimizing campaigns, identifying trends, and refining communication strategies across channels for better engagement and results.

Best Practices for Integrating Email and SMS Campaigns

When you integrate email and SMS campaigns, it's important to follow best practices. These include:

  • Consistent branding: Maintain a unified brand voice and visual identity across both channels.
  • Segmentation alignment: Align audience segments between email and SMS, tailoring messages based on customer behavior, preferences, and demographics.
  • Cross-promotion: Encourage subscribers from one channel to opt in to the other by including clear CTAS in emails and SMS messages.
  • Coordinated messages: Coordinate triggered and time-sensitive messages between email and SMS to avoid message duplication.
  • Optimal timing: Respect subscriber preferences and time zone differences when scheduling messages.
  • Explicit consent: Prioritize transparent opt-in consent for both email and SMS communications to comply with data protection regulations.
  • Compliance review: Regularly review and update opt-in lists. Respect unsubscribe requests promptly.
  • Data protection: Protect subscriber data across both channels. Use security measures and encryption to protect customer information.

Case Studies

Many entrepreneurs and businesses have found success using Norby as their email and SMS campaign software Here are just a few ways we have helped:

  • Barbari: Botanical and hemp retailer Barbari struggled with signups until they used Norby. With its multiple opt-ins and signup buttons, Barbari improved SMS campaigns and gained valuable insights through analytics, landing pages, and SMS sends.
  • Cubicle to CEO: Norby made all the difference for the Cubicle to CEO podcast. Their audience and engagement skyrocketed thanks to Norby's unique features, which helped the podcast achieve higher event attendance, sales, and downloads.
  • Harper Sage: Harper Sage, an ethical fashion brand, used Norby for signups, SMS, and landing pages. With Norby's help, it increased website visits by 5% and doubled SMS click-through rates.

Pricing and Scalability

Norby's email and SMS notification software offers plans customizable plans to meet the diverse needs of businesses. The "Norby for Business" plan caters to the specific requirements of organizations, making it a highly customizable option. With a starting price of $200 per month, this plan allows businesses to tailor features and pricing to their unique needs, ensuring both flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

With "Norby for Business," you can select the features that matter most to you. This means you'll never have to pay for features you don't use. You can scale up or down as needed too. As your business grows, Norby provides continuous support and updates so that the platform remains equipped with the latest features and capabilities to meet evolving business needs.


Using email marketing and SMS software amplifies marketing effectiveness. Email allows for detailed content, while SMS offers immediate and direct communication. Together, they create a powerful duo that reaches audiences at different touchpoints and creates stronger engagement and higher conversion rates.

If you want to leverage this powerful duo, Norby is your solution. Our single platform combines email and SMS and streamlines your marketing efforts. You'll no longer have to switch between platforms because our platform has it all. Whether your goal is to build landing pages, improve your subscriber list, or optimize campaign performance, Norby provides a comprehensive toolkit to meet your needs.

Starting at just $200 a month, Norby can help your business grow by providing scalable solutions tailored to your evolving needs. Book a call today to discuss your business needs here.

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