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How to Strengthen Your Podcast Audience Connection with SMS Tools

November 10, 2022

Doone Roisin is the founder and host of the internationally-acclaimed Female Startup Club podcast. Since it’s founding during the pandemic (hello, lockdown baby!) Female Startup Club provides guidance and inspiration for thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world.

A digital marketing expert, Doone has previously worked for global brands such as Snapchat, IMG, and The Iconic. Recently awarded the Australian Young Achiever of the Year, Doone is a UNSW New Wave Founders Mentor to young women and sits on the investment committee for a new investment fund launching in Australia. Her podcast has 400+ published episodes and ranks amongst the top 0.5% of podcasts globally. 

The reason Doone does this? To work hard on her global mission to motivate, inspire and advance women-in-progress. To grab the chance to wake up and feel great about what she is doing, every day. 

Read on to learn about Doone's experience with Norby from the founder herself. 



I love a good goal. At the start of 2021, I set myself a goal to release the first book under the Female Startup Club umbrella. We did it. At the start of this year, implementing an SMS-strategy was high on my list of goals. As a podcast host, people are often plugging me into their ears to hear others’ stories. Whilst that’s intimate in some senses, I guess I missed a closer connection to the audience. A connection beyond entrepreneurial stories, to being the Hype Girl to just about anyone that wanted some extra sparkle in their lives. This closer relationship to the audience was definitely missing, and something I was looking to foster.

Secondly, I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for cute up-and-coming brands changing up their space. Especially when it came to our previous link-in-bio, the lack of personalization was starting to feel more and more alien to me. Our branding is our personality, it’s the way our audience (with) identifies us and knows what to expect from us. Making sure this experience transcribes into every part of the users experience with Female Startup Club is SO important, and it felt silly that something like a link-in-bio wasn’t able to keep up with that. 



Along came Norby – I had such a ‘wow’ moment when I first stumbled upon this smart & CUTE platform. It felt like just the upgrade the marketing space had been missing, and it was clear our vibes aligned perfectly. 

Thanks to Norby’s SMS tool, we’re able to pop right into the SMS inbox of 129 (& counting!) community members to brighten up their day with a bit of sparkly motivation. This has been absolutely pivotal in connecting with our audience in a deeper, more personal way. I also like to think that the ripple effect of a feel-good feeling like receiving our SMS will have an impact on the lives of countless humans out there. We sure need it after the last couple of years!

On top of that, as it stands, visitors to our uber cute link-in-bio are hanging around on there for a whopping 6.34 minutes, on average. That’s a lot of time to be holding someone’s attention, and a lot of time to be showcasing all we’ve got to offer on there (especially considering the average attention span is now just around 8 seconds). I know for a fact we have Norby’s tools to thank for that. We’re able to completely personalize the experience to suit FSC and therefore serve our community in the way that feels familiar to them. Because as I touched upon earlier, branding is absolutely everything.

A HUGE game-changer has been for FSC to be able to own all of our own consumer data. This really is the magic sauce of 2022, and I can’t believe how long we were going without it. It’s pretty standard for podcasting platforms and social media platforms to own that data themselves, which puts you in the tricky position should something go wrong (like having your account suspended - which happens way more often than it should). Norby considers themselves a kind of counterbalance to the way big platforms like TikTok and Instagram operate, and I’m totally here for that. 

Ready to strengthen your audience connection? Join Norby today.

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