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How Aliza Licht Used Norby to Launch Her Latest Book and Build Her Subscriber Lists

May 18, 2023

TL;DR: Meet Aliza Licht, an award-winning marketer, 2× author, podcaster, personal branding expert, and the founder of Leave Your Mark. See how she leveraged Norby for a multi-pronged marketing strategy in support of her new book and grew her lists at the same time.

Aliza Licht knows a thing or two about marketing, communications, digital strategy, and branding, having honed this expertise for over two decades in the fashion industry. She created Leave Your Mark during a major career pivot and grew it into a multi-media brand and consultancy focusing on brand-building and career development. She’s passionate about helping people thrive professionally, which comes into focus in her members-only community, workshops, and mentoring work. Her new book, ON BRAND: Shape Your Narrative. Share Your Vision. Shift Their Perception, was written as a comprehensive roadmap to building your personal brand.

Meet Aliza, an Expert in Helping People Thrive

Aliza Licht is an award-winning marketer, author, personal branding expert, podcaster, and the founder of Leave Your Mark. Leave Your Mark is a multi-media brand and consultancy focusing on brand-building and career development. The brand is the result of Aliza’s two decades of experience in marketing, communications, and digital strategy.

ON BRAND: Shape Your Narrative. Share Your Vision. Shift Their Perception is Aliza’s way of using her expertise to help others develop their personal brands.

Having a personal brand, Aliza explains, means “Your self-reflection aligns with public perception. It means your name gets dropped in rooms you’re not in and that you’re thought of for opportunities other people haven’t even thought of yet.”

On Brand by Aliza Licht

For most writers, writing comes naturally, even if they sometimes struggle to get their thoughts on paper. “We love to write,” says Aliza. “It’s why we do this job!”

Unfortunately, writers don’t just get to focus on being writers. The world is noisier than that. “Writers also need to be marketers, whether they want to or not,” says Aliza.

Lucky for her, she’s a marketer already, which is how she was able to leverage Norby for a multi-pronged marketing strategy in support of her book launch for ‘On Brand’. Lucky for you, she’s going to share her marketing strategies and tips!

Building a Book Launch Database

“The idea of building a database is something most people think of too late,” Aliza says. “Gathering emails and cell phone numbers that you can remarket is essential in marketing a book, or anything, for that matter.”

Knowing the importance of having a database as a critical part of any marketing strategy for authors, Aliza used Norby to create several unique signup pages to gather contact information for both people in her network and those new to her audience who were interested in learning more about her new book.

“To gather contacts, you must be willing to give them something in exchange,” Aliza says. She created three separate signups in Norby, deploying them in phases as her pre-order campaign rolled out.

  • Signup for ON BRAND's cover reveal. In a signup shared across her social channels, Aliza invited people to be the first to glimpse the book’s cover and get a behind-the-scenes look at how the book was coming together.

  • Signup to read the introduction to ON BRAND. In a signup shared across her social channels and through her LinkedIn newsletter, Aliza teased the introduction of her book. There were no sample book pages online before the publication date, so Aliza used Norby’s signup tool to not only share the book's introduction but also ensure that her audience was redirected to her book’s Amazon preorder page.

  • Signup for VIP friends of ON BRAND. Aliza used this form to collect mailing addresses from influencers and friends for what she calls the “big mouth mailing.” An exclusive group which would receive an advance copy of the book to help promote it. This signup was an efficient and easy way to gather information while also allowing her to remarket to an important group on launch day.

Ready for Launch

When it was time to launch her book on April 18, Aliza created an SMS send and marketed the book cover and link to purchase to everyone on her mailing lists.

“I specifically leveraged Norby's SMS tool to text an image of the book with the link,” Aliza explains. “This SMS marketing was incredibly effective because we all know the email inbox can be a sea of unread emails or land in junk mail. I wanted to ensure my cover was seen on pub day (the day the book is officially published), and Norby helped me cut through the clutter.”

Another strategy Aliza leveraged was events. Events are a great marketing strategy for small businesses. Aliza has been using Norby’s events tool to host workshops for years and hosted a personal branding workshop event as a special gift for everyone who pre-ordered her book. “I love this tool because it integrates with Zoom and I can message attendees via email and SMS when the event is about to start,” she says.

In total, Aliza marketed to over 5,000 potential readers in a way that was direct, effective, and, as her book title suggests, on brand. She’s also custom-designed all her Norby emails to match her book cover. And because she’s been using Norby for several years, she also has the ability to market to past event attendees who signed up for her newsletter and can also send SMS messages in the future.

By creating a multi-pronged marketing strategy with focus on building lists and remarketing as well as other tactics, On Brand became the #1 bestseller in Web Marketing, Women in Business, Women & Business, and #2 in Job Hunting & Career Guides on Amazon Books. 

Aliza Licht at Bookhampton

Use Norby to Build Your Personal Brand

Norby offers a clean, easy-to-use platform that’s perfect for authors to help them cultivate their marketing strategy for months, if not years, before their publication date.

Norby’s tools help you own your audience and capture their attention. Social media communities are rented, and controlled by an algorithm, but Norby will help you build your own list, market to segments of your audience as needed, and connect with your audience through live events. You can also customize your Norby’s landing page to deliver who you are and what you offer in one link.

This can sound daunting if you aren’t a marketer, but Norby’s customer success team is here to help. “I have messaged them in a panic several times and was always amazed at how quickly they were there to help!” Aliza says.

Norby also offers easy-to-follow video tutorials. “If you take a few hours to immerse yourself in these tools and visually set up your brand,” says Aliza, “you will wonder how you ever existed without Norby."

Cultivate Your Personal Brand Today

Norby has all the tools you need to create and manage your personal brand. Sign up for free here.

Want more tips on how to market yourself as an author or tips on lead generation for small businesses? Pick up a copy of ON BRAND: Shape Your Narrative. Share Your Vision. Shift Their Perception and follow @alizalichtxo.

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