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Norby's Digital Commandments: A Guide to Surviving the End of Social Media

April 11, 2023

For years, social media has been a vital tool for creators to showcase their work and reach a broader audience. These platforms provide an accessible way for artists and entrepreneurs to build and connect with a community. However, in February, Meta announced it would be launching a paid “Meta Verified” program, a move that could dramatically change the face of the creator economy.  

If this concerns you, you aren’t alone. This new program may mean that Facebook and Instagram are no longer viable options for smaller creators. Below, we’ll explain some of the potential pitfalls of this program and how Norby's Digital Commandments can help you find your footing.

The Problem With IG/Meta’s Pay-for-Play Model

Based on what Meta has announced so far, its new paid model works something like this: Users with verified accounts will pay $12 per month per platform, meaning if you want to be verified on both Facebook and Instagram, you’ll be paying $24 per month. Verified accounts will receive a blue checkmark next to their name, similar to Twitter’s disastrous attempt to create a paid verification system.

Meta Verified accounts will also have several advantages over non verified accounts. They’ll benefit from services like proactive fraud protection and direct access to customer support. Perhaps most importantly, verification will directly impact how visible your content is to users on the platform. This immediately presents two major problems for creators.

The first is that it puts smaller creators and those with limited financial means at a stark disadvantage. These creators won’t be able to reach their full potential audience without upgrading. Meta will uprank the content of Meta Verified subscribers over the content of nonverified subscribers, meaning that smaller or limited creators could see their content crushed by the competition.

Smaller creators will also see a disadvantage when it comes to things like security and customer service. These features, which used to be something anyone could access, will now give priority to Meta Verified subscribers. While Meta will still provide some basic-level support, the best support will only be accessible if you have a blue checkmark.

The second major problem with the new model is that it could limit the reach of organic content and organic interaction. This creates issues for both content creators and their audience by making it harder for creators to connect with a true base and making it more difficult for users to find content creators they genuinely enjoy.

Meta Verified also runs the risk of flooding Facebook and Instagram with what is essentially sponsored content without it being labeled as such. Consumers are already feeling the fatigue of too many advertisements on these sites — now, verified members can push out their content without having to mark their posts as advertising. This has the potential to drive away customers who are truly seeking organic content, not advertisements.

Introducing Norby’s Commandments

The increasing impact of programs like Meta Verified on social media marketing highlights the need for creators to explore alternative communication strategies to cultivate and expand their audience. As relying solely on social media may no longer be feasible or effective, it's crucial to seek out new ways to reach and engage with audiences beyond these platforms.

As creators, we've been there – navigating the ever-changing social media landscape can be tough, and finding success can seem like a daunting task. But don't worry, we've got you covered! With the right strategies and mindset, we can stay ahead of the curve and achieve our goals, no matter how the platforms change. That's why having the right tools and information is critical for success. To help creators thrive beyond social media, here are Norby's five digital commandments to navigate the evolving creative landscape in a world where social media is not the only option.

1. Embrace diversification: Spread your online presence across various channels for communication, networking, and content sharing, avoiding reliance on social media platforms alone.

2. Prioritize privacy and security: Safeguard personal information and protect digital assets in a world with diminishing social media platforms.

3. Cultivate offline connections: Nurture and maintain real-life relationships despite digital disruptions.

4. Adapt to new communication tools: Discover and effectively use emerging platforms and technologies that can replace or supplement social media.

5. Leverage data-driven insights: Utilize analytics and performance metrics to inform your strategies and make informed decisions.

How Norby Can Help Creators Survive the End of Social Media

While social media can certainly be an effective tool for creators to connect with and grow their audience, it's important to remember that it's not the only option available. That's where Norby comes in - we're here to help you build and maintain your community outside of social media, giving you the freedom and flexibility to continue showcasing your work and reaching your audience in new and exciting ways.

Norby offers creators a powerful platform geared towards community marketing, enabling them to build their community, cultivate their personal brand, and expand their reach outside of social media with all the necessary tools. With Norby, you can focus your marketing efforts in one place and leverage community marketing tools that bring like-minded individuals together over a common interest. This approach allows you to collect feedback, diversify monetization opportunities, and fuel your professional network better than ever! Whether you're just starting out or already well-established, Norby has everything you need to build, maintain, and grow your community.

Landing Pages: With a landing page, you can guide your visitors toward a specific action or goal and capture leads, all while showcasing your unique personality and style. By using landing pages and SEO, you can promote your products or services and drive engagement in a personalized and targeted way that reflects your brand.

Signups: Use sign-up opt-ins to capture leads directly from your social channels and landing pages, allowing you to communicate directly with your audience. By gathering first-party data, including email and phone number, you can get to know your community on a more personal level and better understand their interests and needs.

SMS: Once you've set up your opt-ins, SMS marketing is a fantastic way to stay in touch with your growing community. As more and more creators are discovering, SMS has a high click-through rate and offers an easy way to track results. With SMS, you can build one-on-one relationships with your community and communicate important updates, exclusives, and promotions in a more personal way.


Social media can be a great way to reach and build an audience, but its future is uncertain. Recent moves by Meta and others to charge for basic services and visibility could spell the end of organic social media marketing and make it more difficult for smaller creators to compete in a saturated space. Creators need to have alternative marketing methods in place so they can still connect with their audience.

Don't let the evolving social media landscape limit your potential. Try out Norby and discover innovative ways to stay in touch with your audience. With features such as SMS marketing and landing pages, Norby provides the tools you need to succeed in a post-social media world. Embrace the future of digital marketing and take charge of your digital presence. Try out Norby today and explore new possibilities for growth and engagement.

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