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How to Leverage Social Media to Own Your Audience

August 22, 2022

Building a healthy contact list is key to unlocking new opportunities for you and your business. Whether your goal is to sell digital products and services or turn passive followers into loyal subscribers, being able to contact and bring your people together in the right way, at the right time is essential to achieving sustainable success.

Ábiké Studio is a full service creative agency specializing in branding, web design, art direction, and production. They've serviced clients like Apple Music, Audiomack, Off White, and Sony. Here’s their team’s 4 step process for leveraging social media to find, nurture, and convert leads!

STEP 1: Choose a platform that works for you 

  • Instagram: Works as the “digital business card” – ideal for your first intro of business.
  • TikTok: Personal brand driven and places a high emphasis on personality – focuses mainly on who you are and what your brand is.
  • Pinterest: Ideal for sharing your visual ideas and organizing/curating them in one place. 
  • Twitter: Heavily text based, ideal for more copy driven marketing. 

STEP 2: Choose two platforms that you’d like to conquer

  • When choosing a platform, remember your strengths. Choose a platform you can show up consistently on! 
  • If you already have a following on a platform, optimize it! Using the platforms you already succeed on will help you engage and scale your audience.
  • Make sure to diversify your content based on each platform you use.
  • Ex: Use LinkedIn for press & career developments, and Reels/TikTok for bite-sized educational content.

STEP 3: Use Norby to elevate your social presence

Norby’s all-in-one marketing platform combines powerful marketing and CRM tools built to evolve and grow with your business. We’ve got you covered for all your social needs – with Norby you can:

  • Showcase your work with highly customizable landing pages 
  • Build your subscriber base
  • Monetize your events & digital products
  • Organize all of your platform messaging in one omnichannel inbox

STEP 4: identify and understand your content buckets

  • INSPIRATIONAL: Relatable quote graphics, interviews and takeovers
  • INFORMATIONAL: Hacks, care Instructions for products, style guides
  • COMMUNITY BUILDING: Behind the scenes, product peeks just for followers
  • PROMOTION: Special offers for email signups, products, reviews
  • CLIENT WORK: Fun holidays, story templates, throwback/nostalgia content

And of course, get creative to expand your content buckets based on your brand and offerings!

That’s it! Don’t forget some of these pro tips as well…

  • Stay consistent in your posting.
  • Create AND consume content – stay connected and engaged with other people in your network.
  • Pay attention to what works for other people! Compile inspiration to draw from when things feel slow.
  • Make sure your brand interacts with people – your ideal target customer is already following you, but they haven’t necessarily seen the thing that’s going to draw them in.
  • Imagine your ideal customer base/character: who are they on social platforms? Pay attention to their psychographics, then sort how you can get more of them. Show up in the spaces that they resonate with.  

Start owning your audience through Norby. 

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