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Elevate Your Lead Generation with SMS: The Ultimate Guide to SMS Lead Generation Software

November 13, 2023

SMS open and response rates are a whopping 98% and 45%, respectively, according to Gartner. With those numbers, it's safe to say that SMS marketing lead generation is in. SMS lead generation allows you to engage with customers through text blasts and one-on-one conversations. Though once used mainly to keep in touch with loved ones, SMS has now become a direct and highly effective way for businesses to connect with their target audience.

Of course, traditional lead generation tools are still important. But SMS lead generation software has become an invaluable tool. According to Klaviyo, consumers are quick to make a purchase when a brand texts them. In fact, 73% have made purchases after receiving an SMS from a company.

Let's dive into SMS lead generation and why you should consider it.

Key Considerations to Look for in SMS Lead Generation Software

Choosing the best SMS lead generation software can be overwhelming at first. But when you understand what to look for, you'll have an easier time deciding. Here are a few key considerations you should weigh when comparing SMS lead generation software.

  • Customization: Customized SMS campaigns and B2B texting can help you grab potential customers' attention, entertain current customers, and convert them more easily. According to Statista, 62% of customers are willing to give up loyalty if they don't receive personalized content.
  • Analytics: Marketers analyze metrics like open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and engagement to refine messaging, target the right audience, optimize timing, and improve ROI.
  • Compliance: Follow SMS compliance, such as obtaining opt-in consent before contacting customers. Good SMS lead generation software will help you follow SMS marketing best practices, including obtaining permission, offering incentives, keeping texts simple, and personalizing messages.

Exploring Norby: The Top SMS Lead Generation Software

Norby is more than just an SMS lead generation software — it's an all-in-one platform comprising SMS and email marketing, landing pages, and even event management. In terms of SMS lead generation, Norby outshines its competitors with unlimited contacts and 24/7 support. Norby has signup forms, customer relationship management (CRM), and AI-built landing pages. Through SMS, you can set up automation to send personalized campaigns, reminders, and alerts.

As for Norby's SMS marketing pricing, you don't have to worry about complicated pricing structures — or about paying for SMS marketing features you're not going to use. Norby for Business allows you to fully customize what SMS software features you get with prices that start as low as $200 a month.

Not sold yet? Maybe it'll help to know that Norby has helped many businesses and creative entrepreneurs grow their contact lists and convert customers. Take Cubicle to CEO, for example. Cubicle to CEO has used our SMS texting tool for two years to engage its community, increase podcast downloads, and improve show-up rates.

Another example of creatives who have used Norby's SMS tools to supercharge their entrepreneurial journey is the Female Startup Club (FSC), which has used Norby's SMS marketing analytics, SMS sends, and landing pages to increase customer engagement. With Norby's help, FSC has entered the inboxes of 129 customers and is able to own and view all of its own consumer data.

Here's the best part — you can achieve results just like Cubicle to CEO and FSC. Use Norby to boost your engagement and increase sales today.

Best Practices for Utilizing SMS Lead Generation Software

Subscribing to an SMS lead generation software is just the first step. To increase engagement and conversion rates, you also need to adhere to SMS marketing best practices. This includes sending SMS messages at the right time, creating personalized and engaging content, and segmenting your audience based on things like demographics and behavior.

Be mindful of when you send your texts and how often. You don't want to seem spammy. Give your customers the chance to set their preferences on how often they want to be contacted — for example, weekly or biweekly. And don't forget to get permission from your customers before sending them messages and give them the option to unsubscribe in the future.

Improve Lead Generation With Norby

SMS lead generation has transformed the way businesses and creative entrepreneurs interact with their audiences. Now that most adults have a cell phone, it's easier than ever to implement SMS marketing software into your marketing strategies.

As a business, you should consider adopting SMS marketing to create a direct line of communication with your audience that can deliver timely promotions, updates, and personalized content. When you do, you'll increase customer engagement, loyalty, and conversion rates.

Consider Norby SMS for all of your SMS marketing needs. Norby's platform provides you with SMS tools as well as email and landing page tools. Norby allows you to connect with your audience through personalized means, build segmented lists, and create beautiful landing pages to convert your customers. Starting at $200 a month, you can tailor a Norby package to include the features you want and exclude the features you'll never use.

Embracing SMS marketing allows you to stay ahead of the competition and effectively reach your customers where they are — on their mobile devices. Do so today with Norby!

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