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Three Things To Let Go Of To Elevate Your Coaching Business in 2023

January 31, 2023

It’s 2023 and a new year brings new perspective to how we’re all deciding to show up in the world! For coaches especially, the start of the new year can be an influx of clients excited to get on the right track with your help so how do you make sure you’re ready for that? Well, if you ask us, the best thing to do might be to simplify your business backend so you can show up hassle-free to tend to your client's needs. Of course, that’s easier said than done - so we’ve actually taken some time to brainstorm some things you may want to let go of in 2023 to show up better as you serve. Read on below! 

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1. Chasing The Next Shiny Object 

As a coach it’s natural to want the best for your clients but sometimes that urge can transform into a relentless pursuit of finding the next best thing for your business. This behavior is lovingly known as “shiny object syndrome” and though it appears to be driven by an ethos of continuous improvement, more often than not it’s a result of wanting to have a leg up on the competition. Yeah, we see you eyeing your biz bestie’s tech stack, but here’s the kicker: the time and energy it takes to onboard to a new tool every couple of months hardly leads to significant revenue gains. Instead, it’s the consistent use of a tool that best meets the core functions you need that will move the needle in your biz. 

2. Spending Too Much Time on Branding

This one can also be associated with wanting to “Keep up with the Joneses” in your industry. More and more we see how elaborate and creative things can get when aiming to connect with your audience but all of those things can be for naught if it’s too complicated to get your message and offerings across. Whether you’re just starting out or established,  it’s always beneficial to get back to making the main thing and for coaches that’s: getting coaching clients and serving them. Point. Blank. Period. So ask yourself, how much branding effort do you really need to get the goods to your audience? Hint: Norby can be that sweet spot between a simple list of links and a heavily branded 5 page website. Just enough to communicate your brand’s feel, give context to your latest offerings, and share quick links to be a gateway to your funnel.  

3. Being The 24/7 Maintenance Man

Have you ever felt more consumed with making sure everything was working right in your biz than actually serving clients in your special way? No worries, it happens all the time amongst many service providers. Between making sure automations are working well between tools and responding to messages on various social media platforms, things can get hectic really quickly. It’s even possible that while building something to support you, there can come a time where there’s too many moving pieces — to the point where you feel like you’re working harder to support the business itself. Well, friend you deserve a biz that isn’t built with duct-tape and a quick remedy is to seek out ways to centralize how you operate, and in that quest Norby could be what you’re looking for to bring a lot of key functions under one roof to keep your business moving along. And now for the cliffhanger…

Before you hire a photography business coach…

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