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How to Use Norby's Email Marketing Tools to Increase Your Subscribers

August 22, 2022

Tomisin Smith, founder of 26Digital, has a question for you: Is it just me or is social media getting extra noisy lately?

Like never before, creators are exploring different ways to engage their audience and build community outside social media and one of the best ways to achieve this is through email marketing. In this video, Tomisin shares how she used Norby to engage her audience and increase her email subscribers by 65%.

The Social Media Problem 

As awesome as social media is, it’s majorly used for outreach and awareness. In reality, email marketing is where the conversion is. With emails, you’re literally competing with yourself once they open your mail, because the audience opted in by themselves. They’re most likely loyal fans who are ready to convert, unlike social media where you’re competing with the algorithm. Emails are great for generating sales, engaging your audience and getting new leads.They promote products and services, build brand loyalty, and share relevant information about your business. For example, Tomisin shares client wins, Instagram tips and product launches within her mailing list.

Norby’s Solution 

Tomisin uses a few of Norby’s features to connect with her audience:

  1. Sends for sharing updates and content through email to her wider audience
  2. Signups & segmenting to organize and target certain groups of people from her audience based on their personal interests

Why Tomisin Loves Our Email Marketing Tools

  1. It’s the same tool for all my marketing efforts: no platform hopping
  2. Prospective subscribers can drop their email in the lead capture included in  link in bio without going to an entirely new platform.
  3. It’s easy to use 
  4. Detailed analytics with opens, click through rates and much more

“Norby has been more than instrumental to growing my mailing list and sending mail to my subscribers. I used Norby to create a waitlist and deliver a lead magnet seamlessly. It is one tool for all your campaigns and evergreen newsletter. Best of both worlds!”

Start increasing your email subscribers with Norby. 

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