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How to Streamline Your Workflow With Integrations

October 24, 2022

Picture this: It’s 11pm and you’re wishing (read: begging) you could clone yourself to get all of the things done on your to do list to keep your business humming along. Well dear entrepreneur, there’s no need to wait on science — or lose sleep — when your tech stack can be superhuman for you. But what do you do when the task of managing your tech stack becomes more of a time-stealer than a time-saver?

One word… integrate. Meaning, instead of keeping your tools siloed and separate, you connect them so that they work well together, not just individually. Integrating your tools cuts down time spent on platform hopping and makes it possible to go from a disjointed workflow to a seamless workflow. When it comes to your marketing, you can create efficient workflows between Norby and other apps.

Check out these 4 tips on how to get started with streamlining your workflow with integrations.


Envision Your End Goal

First things first, you’ll want to get clear on what you want to happen as your end result. After all, a workflow is simply a series of actions to produce a desired outcome.

So let’s say you’re hosting a weekly ticketed virtual workshop and want to add video conferencing to each workshop. At the moment you have to manually copy and paste the link from your video conferencing platform and add it to your event hosting platform but it takes an additional 15 minutes to set up. That’s 1 hour per month of additional tinkering. Let’s focus on eliminating that.


Check What Connects

Before you can integrate tools with each other, you’ll have to check if they are eligible for connecting. Some apps will have built-in integrations and others will require a middle man application to connect them, like Zapier.

In this case we want to connect our video conferencing platform, Zoom, to our event hosting platform, Norby. Lucky for us, Norby has a built-in integration for Zoom that allows us to connect effortlessly at the click of a button. As a result, you can now create Zoom links for virtual events directly from your Norby account. Amazing, right? The same one-click integrations are available for Stripe, Instagram, and Zapier.


Think In Terms of “If this, Then that”

Speaking of Zapier, this magical middle man of an application helps Norby integrate with 5,000+ other apps. So if you’re looking for more advanced automations with your favorite tools you’ll want to connect your Zapier account to Norby and then take time to map out your custom workflows.

Pro Tip: Setting up automations in Zapier requires you to think of your workflows as being comprised of triggers and actions that follow the rule of “If This, Then That.” Put simply, “If This Trigger happens, Then That Action happens.” As such, when you trigger the workflow, it executes the set of associated actions.

For example, what if we want to add a follow up task in our project management system whenever a new person purchased a workshop ticket? The trigger would be “Norby Event Registration” and the action would be “New Task Created.” As you go about configuring your automations you’ll find that mapping things out makes everything much easier.

Keep this tidbit in your back pocket. It’ll come in handy as you get more creative with how you use your Norby!


Test, Test, and Test Again

Just as a rule of thumb, testing your integrations at the time of initial set up and periodically throughout the year is a best practice for ensuring your business operates like a well-oiled machine. Technology has tons of benefits and it also can have its hiccups from time to time so you’ll want to check in on things every once in awhile. That way, if anything goes awry you can contact Norby Customer Support to get back on track and continue growing your business. Take advantage of our video tutorials and knowledge base for step by step instructions as well. We’ve got ya covered!



And there you have it! A ton of time-savings at your fingertips when you use Norby integrations to streamline your workflow and simplify you marketing tech stack. Bring more efficiency into your business and watch your impact expand.
So tell us, what are you planning to integrate or automate next? Get started today – join Norby.

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