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How to Monetize Your Content by Creating Your Own Digital Products

August 24, 2022

ICYMI, we partnered with Ellen Yin (founder and host of Cubicle to CEO) for our Creators Who Share program, where Ellen taught us how you can monetize your existing knowledge and content immediately - no matter the size of your audience.

Take Control of Your Content

Over the last 3 years, Ellen has created and sold over $1 million in digital products to more than 10,000 customers. And luckily for you, she's giving you the behind the scenes tips on the 5 different digital product types you can consider adding to your own offer suite, including:

1. Courses/Memberships

2. Live Experiences (e.g. summits, challenges)

3. Digital Downloads (e.g. templates, tools, guides, workbooks etc.)

4. Tiny Offer/SLO Funnels

5. Bundles

The first insider tip? Distinguish between each product type. Courses, memberships,and live experiences typically sell a TRANSFORMATION, whereas digital downloads, tiny offers, and bundles typically sell a SOLUTION.

To choose the right container for your product, ask yourself: is this product creating a transformation that solves a big problem, or is it offering a ready-made solution that creates a micro-win to lead someone to their next step?

Start monetizing your content with Norby.

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