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How to Make Your Next Move Your Best Move with Analytics

December 21, 2022

With the end of the year here, it’s time to take a look back at all that you’ve accomplished and decide what you want to start, stop, or continue doing to grow your business in the new year and beyond. Whether it’s your first year end review — or all of the reviews in between — Norby’s analytics make it easy for creators to access the right information at the right time so you can make your next move, your best move. Read on for 4 key areas to review to turn powerful data into actionable insights with Norby!


Drive Traffic with Links and Landing Page Analytics

If monetization is at the top of your list for 2023, then having a pulse on how often people interact with you beyond social media via your links and landing pages will be of utmost importance. With the help of Norby's link tracking, you can quickly see which links are top performers and how your audience is responding to calls-to-actions on your page. You can also view the performance of your landing page by seeing who has viewed it, how they got there, and where they are located.

Metrics to keep your eye on: It’s especially important to view the number of page visits or link clicks you get over a certain period of time so you can notice trends and pinpoint upswing or downswing moments. This information can help inform how you promote a page or link in the future for higher engagement.

Optimize Promotions with Sign Ups and Event Analytics

It’s one thing to create amazing products and experiences for your audience, and it’s another to have them actively engage with them. When it comes to optimizing your promotions, you can unlock the power of knowing how people are engaging with each Sign up block and if they are sharing it via Signup analytics. And the same goes for Events! Norby's event analytics enable you to see who has registered and review who in your audience is referring other people to a particular event you are hosting.

Metrics to keep your eye on: To identify key members of your audience who help move the needle with sign ups and registrations, check out the Referrers metric and stay in the know on who are your power supporters. You can even open the door for future partnership or referral opportunities by deepening your engagement with these individuals. A true win-win situation!

Expand Reach with Contact Analytics

This may go without saying but with your audience being the life blood of your business, you’ll need to know who they are and how you can communicate with them. Make a habit of checking the number of contacts in your Norby and see how many are available for email and text communications. This will help you with better planning for outreach initiatives and when developing projections for your promotional goals.

Metrics to keep your eye on: View in-depth analysis on who is interacting with your Norby page and get a peek at potential supporters via Anonymous Contacts. These Anonymous Contacts represent people who may have visited your landing page, links, sign ups, or events before but have not yet shared their information with you. Use this knowledge to gauge your reach and inform how you eventually convert these individuals.

Nurture Connections with Sends Analytics

Speaking of reach, it’s not enough to just know how many people are in your community, you’ve got to nurture those relationships to make way for long lasting connections and conversions. With the help of Norby's Sends analytics, you can seamlessly view an SMS or email campaign's performance such as sends, opens, deliveries, and bounces.

Metrics to keep your eye on: Pay attention to the difference between Sent messages and Delivered messages. Even though you may have selected 100 contacts to send a message to, some of those messages may bounce, go to spam, or be the wrong email address. As such, you can get a more accurate picture of how many people actually received your message by referencing the number of Delivered messages (ie. ones that were successfully sent). Norby provides you with a detailed list of any discrepancies that may have occurred such as email bounces, blocks unsubscribes, and reported spam. This is where you can understand the difference between the number of emails sent vs emails successfully delivered.


If your eyes are crossing after venturing into the world of marketing analytics, don’t sweat it. Check out our Youtube or Instagram channels for visual examples of how you can navigate your Norby Analytics and take the guesswork out of your big decisions for 2023. Get started on Norby today!

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