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How to Engage with Your Community as a Founder

September 15, 2022

We partnered with Katya Libin, cofounder and board member of HeyMama, to share how she uses human psychology and theories of belonging to get your audience to go from followers to customers who can’t get enough of your brand.


As a founder herself, Katya understands the importance behind connecting with your audience and using your voice to constantly improve your brand and community. In order to help foster this connection, Katya suggests you ask yourself a few critical questions:

  • Are you a community for the person you serve OR for people like you?
  • Do your members/audience ask you questions/for advice relating to your community's main purpose?
  • Do members trust each other? Do they seek advice and connections with one another?

In order to asses how you can better your connection with your audience, here’s a quick exercise that will guide you through important questions to ask yourself pertaining to your community interactions, values, and experiences. 


Learn how to be an active part of your community, and appreciate/experience the space you have created (even if it feels a bit uncomfortable).

1. Are you an introvert/extrovert or a mix?

What comes to mind here? Be honest with yourself

2. How do you feel after your community interactions? Centered and fulfilled or empty and anxious?

List out your honest answers. What is missing/present in the way you are showing up?

3. How do you want people to feel after your interactions/meetings?

What do you want your members to remember about you?

4. What parts of your story resonate most?

When you meet your community and share your story, are there elements of it that shine, and get people super connected to your mission? What are they?

Tip: Show up as you want others to show up. Want your community to get vulnerable? Get vulnerable yourself.

Are you ready? Time to engage with authenticity, intention and frequency.


Showing up for others and holding space is a gift, but it can also be energetically draining. The key is to be consistant, but create boundaries that work for your comfort level.

1. Identify 15 women that you want to get to know better.

How would it feel to commit to 15 women per quarter that you do a coffee or meeting with and stay connected?

2. Create a social media shortlist of about 50 that you want to follow/engage with online and deepen relationships with.

Throw a like, a comment or a DM when you feel called to, and see how those interactions feel. Are they reciprocal? Are they inspiring to you?

3. Have a shortlist of women who you talk about when they are not in the room.

The key to leading by example is opening doors for others. On this list are the women you cannot shut up about because they are so awesome. Suggest them for podcasts, panels, cool projects.

4. Be warm. Always.

As a community leader, warmth and approachability is key. Would you consider yourself to be approachable? If not, how can you be more approachable?

Tip: Let people know you’ll get back to them at a later time if you are slammed, don’t set an example of always grinding, be ready to simplify and re-adjust at any point and most importantly, always come from a genuine place of connection based on your mission.

You can’t be everything to everyone, and you can’t be a great leader without having time for you.

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