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How to Use Norby to Create and Deliver a Lead Magnet

September 15, 2022

Wondering how to attract new people to your community without spending hundreds or thousands on paid ads? Allow us to introduce you to the lead magnet.

We’ve partnered with Shyne Webster, founder of the consulting agency Designed By Shyne, to share how she uses Norby to create lead magnets that attract and capture new potential clients.


Put simply, a lead magnet is anything that is low cost/free and offered to an audience in order to gain more contacts in your mailing list. These can range from guides, PDFs, eBooks, templates, newsletters/articles, presets, videos, and more! Once you decide on which type of lead magnet you want to use, the next step is to brainstorm topics and plan out the contents.


  • Shyne uses Norby's Newsletter block for lead magnets because it's an evergreen link rather than a temporary/one-time email, and you can create a signup flow for your newsletter block to amplify the reach.
  • She then sets up a Norby signup so she can passively grow her audience in on ongoing manner.
  • When creating the sign up, Shyne makes sure the "Newsletter opt-in" is ON so she can keep connecting with this new community that signs up.
  • After creating the signup, Shyne drafts a confirmation message (email or SMS, your choice!) that includes the Newsletter link to the lead magnet she just created.
  • From there, she publishes the signup to her landing page and promotes her link in bio across her social channels!

BONUS TIP: Lead magnets don't have to be freebies – they can also be low-ticket, so you can use Norby's monetization feature to sell something at an accessible price point while simultaneously growing your audience!

Ready to create your own lead magnet and grow your community? Norby can help – get started today.

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