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How to Use Norby to Connect with Your Podcast Audience

September 15, 2022

We’ve partnered with Ellen Yin of the Cubicle to CEO podcast to learn how she utilizes SMS campaigns to harness the power of her listenership. In the video above, Ellen introduces us to who she is and her background as a podcaster, and then breaks down what she calls “The Podcaster’s Dilemma”. Check out the full video or read on for some highlights.


Ellen is a marketer, creator, and host of the Cubicle to CEO podcast, a weekly show that highlights the best and brightest female CEOs and founders (she even interviewed our very own COO Sam Safer!)

Ellen has been a Norby user for over a year, and through Norby’s tools she has been able to double her average monthly downloads and form real relationships with her listeners


As Ellen explains, there are four main obstacles that podcasters face when connecting with their audiences:

Lack of transparency around audience data

“Who are your listeners and superfans? Most podcast listening platforms provide limited data on who is actually listening to your show every week – while you may be able to get a general overlook of downloads and streams, you don’t have a clear picture of who your individual listeners are and what content they enjoy.”

No ownership of your podcast audience or data

“There is no way to independently communicate with your listeners through your owned channels, therefore you must rely on listener’s finding you on social media to connect – and even then, your social platforms (such as Instagram) are not platforms that you specifically own and manage. These social profiles are just rented space.”

One-sided, passive listening experience

“Listeners may tune into episodes, but how do you engage them in a two way dialogue for feedback?

Limited shareability or native growth opportunities

“There are limited opportunities on podcast platforms to reach new listeners and grow monthly downloads. Native podcast platforms make it really hard sometimes to attract new listeners.”


Now that we know the dilemma, how do we fix it? Enter Norby! Through Norby sign-ups and 2 way SMS conversations, Ellen was able to add personalization to the podcast experience by offering her listeners a “Podcast Concierge.” By utilizing these tools, Ellen can now:

  • Conveniently deliver the episode link to them each week via SMS
  • Create customized playlists based on listener interest
  • Activate listeners to engage in conversation with her by chatting with a real human (no robots here!)
  • Ellen is also able to encourage listeners to share the episode with their friends by creating a rewards program, all through Norby’s tracked referral links.

Ellen’s “Podcaster’s Dilemma” is a shared experience and continuing issue for podcasters, but Norby’s tools have been able to provide her with a streamlined and effective solution.


Norby is an all-inclusive community success manager that helps creators build community and unlock growth opportunities with simplified marketing and community tools. This allows you to engage independently with your audience off of social media and gain a deeper understanding of your audience’s interests and behaviors! Our pricing supports your growth rather than penalizes it with usage-based pricing, not contact-based pricing. We offer highly customizable features to perfectly fit your branding, for a seamless, integrated user experience. Overall, we pride ourselves on being a platform that champions the voices of their users and creators with partnerships like this one!

See your audience grow with Norby's SMS campaigns – get started today.

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