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Hang with Community Builder, Van Newman

September 27, 2022

Q: Who are you, what do you do? How long have you been doing it and why do you do it?

A: I am a strategist who works in tech by day, a TV writer by night, a DJ/music producer on the weekends, and a lifelong community builder at heart. I’ve been "in the biz" (DJing, writing and community building) for ~6 years. I first-hand know the power of feeling seen, whether that be on the screen, at work, at a party, etc. Across all of my work, I feel called to close opportunity gaps and create spaces that don’t exist for BIPOC and queer communities of color.



Q: Why did you need a platform like Norby – what were your challenges? Where did you feel like something was missing?

A: A platform like Norby really works for me, because before Norby, I constantly felt like I had so many ideas for how I wanted to reach my audience, but each idea felt like it required a different app or platform. Norby offered a solution that could accommodate my desire to share multiple projects, send text reminders when a new playlist dropped or send a fun, casual newsletter update. Plus, I definitely have a sensibility for good design, and Norby has been the best looking and most customizable platform that I've ever used for something like this. 

Q: Why do you enjoy using Norby? How Has it made your life easier/optimized your workflow?

A: Norby's landing pages have proven to be the most valuable tool for me. As someone who has various projects and phases of promoting different links, events, messages, etc. I LOVE that I can create different landing pages for different phases of my creativity. Before, I'd have to swap things in and out of a site like Linktree, and would feel like I was constantly making repetitive updates. Now, I can just make certain pages go live without erasing information, links and language to other projects. I love that I can have a landing page for music that I can use when I'm about to release a new song, a landing page for a script I'm promoting when that's my focus or one that speaks specifically to my community work. 

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