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Hang with Editor in Chief of The Luna Collective, Sophie Gragg

September 29, 2022

Q: Who are you, what do you do? How long have you been doing it and why do you do it?

A: I am the Editor-in-Chief and founder of The Luna Collective, a print magazine and creative platform. I started Luna in 2018 as a way to highlight various creatives and better connect the creative community as a whole. 


Q: Why did you need a platform like Norby – what were your challenges? Where did you feel like something was missing?

A: Running a business in the digital age can be a bit overwhelming because of all the tools you need - from sharing content, to hosting online events and accessing your customer data, there seems to be an app for everything. Norby combines all of these needs into one easy to use, beautiful platform. Norby is our one stop shop for communicating with our audience, sharing our content and even selling tickets for our various events. 

Q: Why do you enjoy using Norby? How Has it made your life easier/optimized your workflow?

A: We love using their link in bio feature in particular as we always have a lot going on in our business, and it’s a way for our audience to quickly locate whatever info or content they’re looking for. 

Through Norby’s analytics section, we can see important metrics like unique vs returning visitors, how long people are visiting our links and more information about who is attending our virtual events. We are able to continuously tweak our content and messaging based on these analytics to better suit the needs and interests of our audience. 

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