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Creating Content Doesn't Have to Cost You Your Mental Health

November 2, 2022

If you’re a creative entrepreneur, chances are you already understand the importance of social media platforms and that using them to display your work can positively impact your mental health. Not only does social media allow you to connect to others — which benefits your overall mental well-being in general — but it also allows you to share your creations with an audience, receive feedback, and connect with those who appreciate your content. This holds true whether you’re participating in a creative activity such as photography or creative writing, creating content to support social causes, or trying to get more exposure for your own business.

In fact, according to a recent survey by Adobe, the creator economy is on the rise. The number of creators contributing to online platforms is growing and thriving throughout the globe; nearly 25% of survey respondents indicated that they create social content, and 52% of those creators began posting in 2020. The U.S., Germany, and Brazil have the biggest populations of creators, and the highest concentration of creators can be found in countries like Spain, Brazil, and South Korea.

Creating content on social platforms can certainly yield monetary benefits, but many creators use these platforms as a form of self-expression and to explore their passions. In Adobe’s survey, creators mention feeling more positive overall, especially influencers and business owners. They simply find more bliss and pleasure in participating in social media platforms and sharing their content. 

If you're just getting started in your journey, it can feel like an uphill battle. Navigating the world of social media as a creative requires you to learn new skills and wear many hats — sometimes literally. You may not know how to keep yourself from getting bogged down if you're just starting out.


Four Insights to Encourage You Along Your Creative Journey

With so many different platforms, selecting the best ones to kickstart your creative journey can be difficult. But don't let that deter you; creatives cannot overlook the impact that social media can have on them and their creativity.

If you’re still wondering why you should capitalize on the effects social media can have on your creative journey, or why you should start it in the first place, consider these four insights. 


Creating Content Encourages Positivity 

Social media empowers you, as a creative, to share your work, no matter what type of content you’re creating or what skill level you’re at. Sharing your work with the world, whether it be photography, traditional art, digital art, videography, or simply writing content, allows you to build a community of like-minded individuals who can appreciate your talents and encourage you to follow your dreams and succeed. By sharing your work online and building a community, you can develop a positive outlook surrounding your content. 

Additionally, positivity can contribute to the enjoyment you feel for your passion and hobbies. It will encourage you to continue doing what you’re doing, which will allow you to improve and build further build your skills. 


Creating Content Drives Happiness

Similar to encouraging positivity, creating content can also deepen your happiness. In fact, creating content can make you just as happy as making money, and many creatives find the happiness that content creation brings them outweighs the monetary benefits.  

You might be wondering how content creation can make you just as happy as making money. Well, think about it this way – when you create content, you can identify the best parts of you and your talent. When you decide to share your content with the world, even bit by bit, you’re setting a goal for yourself to finish the product. And nothing feels better than finishing something that was once just an idea in your mind. 

Plus, people who share their content across their social media platforms are quicker to rise to success. For example, Grey & Grayson found success when they shared their content on TikTok. Now, they have 189K followers and 10.2M likes. 


Overcoming Barriers With Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with those worldwide — people in different countries, time zones, and cultures, and perhaps even those who speak languages different than yours. Not only can you tap into a wider audience, but you can also reconnect with people whom you’ve met in the past or in person, giving you an opportunity to invite them to engage with you across your social media platforms. According to Harvard, doing this allows you to expand and strengthen your in-person networks and interactions, thus overcoming barriers that might prevent you from properly networking. 


The New Social Platforms 

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aren’t for everyone. It can be frustrating to navigate and understand their algorithms, which makes it harder to connect to your desired audience. However, many new and modern social media platforms hope to change that. For example, platforms such as TikTok, Communia, Somewhere Good, and BeReal have creator-forward algorithms that can help you reach the audiences you want. 

Using these newer and creator-friendly apps can make you less frustrated and help you reach more like-minded people. 

Final Take

In an ever-growing and technological world where social media continues to grow, it’s important to utilize it to the best of your ability. The benefits social media has on creatives are obvious: it allows you to reach a wider audience, encourages positivity and happiness in what you do, and allows you to break boundaries and network and share your passion with the world. 

But for small businesses and creative individuals who are just starting out, it can be tough to navigate social media and build your platform. And choosing the social media platform that best fits your creative journey can be even tougher. Jumping from platform to platform until you find the right one can be a time-consuming task. Don’t waste your time with platform hopping. Your time should be dedicated to creating. Create with Norby and unlock digital marketing tools that help you focus on what matters the most: your creative journey. 

At Norby, we have everything you’ll need. Link in bios, landing pages, digital marketing tools and techniques, and more. Join us today, and let us help you. 

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