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How to Convert Passive Followers Into Active Community Members

November 22, 2022


Sad Girls Club is a mental health and wellness nonprofit providing access, community, education, and support for women of color for over 5 years.

WHAT problems were you facing?

With Sad Girls Club's growing community, we needed an efficient, scalable way to communicate updates with members, notify them of upcoming events, schedule community programs, and keep members in the "SGC world" once they clicked our link in bio. Without a designated tool for these tasks, our small 2-3 person team couldn't adequately plan for events (without RSVPs we had no attendance estimates), keep members who expressed interest early on updated (without SMS reminders, members could forget about approaching events or be unaware of venue, date/time changes), or keep newer members engaged in our SGC ecosystem (without a robust and branded link in bio landing page, members quickly clicked away without seeing all SGC had to offer). 

Which norby tools acted as THE SOLUTION?

  • Event Scheduling
  • Email Capture for Event RSVPs
  • Pre- and Post-Event Email Communication
  • Pre- and Post-Event SMS Communication

What were some direct impact stats you saw?

Norby gives @sadgirlsclub's over 250K+ Instagram followers an easy, streamlined way to interact with the organization across various platforms, in media, and on the organization's website via Norby's link-in-bio landing page. The link in bio feature has allowed Sad Girls Club to convert their passive followers into committed community members without users ever having to leave the Instagram app, resulting in over 600 members signing up for SGC's newest program, Remedy, in under 4 weeks.

The event landing page and RSVP email capture features have been an integral part of the 15 events Sad Girls Club hosted in 2022, helping the organization capture RSVPs and communicate with event goers in over 8 cities and across 2 continents (NYC x4, L.A x2., San Francisco x4, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, London).

Norby is the exclusive scheduling tool of Sad Girls Club core community wellness program, Not Your Average Chatroom. SGC has been able to service over 2,800 members in group counseling through Norby's scheduling pages and SMS reminders. Over 100 community counseling sessions (a.k.a. Not Your Average Chatroom) sessions have been hosted to date all scheduled through Norby!

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