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Bulletin's Wholesale Success: Integrated Marketing Tools for Explosive Growth

November 27, 2023

About Bulletin

Bulletin is a premium commerce community where retailers discover, meet, and shop the best brands on the planet.  Bulletin makes it easier than ever to manage your entire wholesale business.

The Problem & Solution

Bulletin has been able to leverage various Norby features to streamline its marketing communications platforms, connect with its burgeoning community of brands and retailers and grow. Landing pages have been leveraged for their link in bio from socials with custom lead capture forms for SMS and Email, which has resulted in growing their SMS marketing list by 90%. Those landing pages have also been used to host and market their Virtual Discovery Events, Lives, and panel discussions. Bulletin was able to build unique and highly branded event registration pages for a seamless experience from RSVP through to SMS and email reminders, thank you with NPS. They also used Norby to host recaps of the event and share exclusive digital goods for attendees and registrants. Using Norby has cut down on time to produce and run events alongside ensuring brand consistency. Analytics tie it all together from reporting on event program effectiveness, email and SMS clicks to landing page traffic and user journeys of their community.

“Using Norby for our virtual event as well as SMS marketing campaigns has been a game-changer. Any and all our virtual programming has been hosted and promoted through Norby, and it’s a fun and easy platform to use that allows you to run and promote events end to end - no other platforms needed.”

The most notable event experience to call out was our Virtual Discovery event, where we had 500+ RSVPs to a three-day fully online extravaganza. The entire event was hosted and marketed through Norby: from the registration links for our live panels with retailer and brand partners to a “guidebook” on what to expect during the three days; to the promotion of our free shipping code, to SMS marketing for reminders and exclusive content. We even had an event hosting page for our panel recording afterward. We would not have been able to pull that event off and others without Norby!

With SMS marketing, we’ve been able to grow our text list by 90% using custom forms which has given us invaluable information about our community of brands and retailers as well as info to target them with such as unique personalized content and shopping collections. Having SMS as an additional yet complementary channel to email has set us apart from competitors and contributed to increased traffic and sales.”

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