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Advice For Entrepreneurs, From Entrepreneurs

February 22, 2023

Thinking about starting a business, embarking on an entrepreneurial path or simply launching a project? We asked some of our favorite creative entrepreneurs and Norby users a question: what is one piece of advice you would give to an early entrepreneur? Their answers spanned the gamut of philosophical, tactical and everything in between. Here’s what they had to say: 

Kara Ladd, Founder of KL Consulting

“You will fail many times as an 
early entrepreneur. Don’t think of those moments as setbacks, but as opportunities to learn and grow forward. It’s not always the smartest or most talented entrepreneurs that succeed. It’s those that have relentless trust, perseverance and have a clear connection to their “why”, not just the “what” and the “how.” 

Jimanekia Eborn, Trauma Specialist and Educator

“It isn’t always necessary to reinvent the wheel, look at other folks that are doing what you want to do. And see what they are missing, what can you bring that is different and authentic to who you are.” 

Walter Gainer, Founder of Boss Locks Media

“Focus your energy on 3 things you enjoy and do well and invest in tools that save time and take the tasks that don’t 
bring you joy off your plate”  

Naseema McElroy, Founder of Financially Intentional

“My advice would be to grow and nurture your email list from day one!” 

Tatianna Barry, Lifestyle & Fashion Creator

“Systems are essential to the entrepreneurial journey but don’t get so caught up in them that you forget to share your work. Building systems (how to plan content, how to handle bookings, balancing time ) are all great. But, they can easily turn into procrastination if you’re waiting for everything to be perfect before you take action. Perfecting the systems will come as you move through your journey.”

Steven Layne, Co-Founder of Norby

“Stop wasting time collecting advice before you have built anything. Just jump in and learn on the fly. There is not a blueprint. I promise.”

Laneen, Founder of Sublation Studio 

“Boundaries are not only important, but necessary. They’re not always easy to create and maintain but will make running your business and living your personal life much easier in the long run. Don’t forget boundaries about regeneration. Remember that rest is a requirement and not a reward.”

Dotun Abeshinbioke, Founder of Abike 

“One piece of advice I’d give to an early entrepreneur is to become obsessed with your industry, do your research, be curious, ask questions and immerse yourself with all types of content from books to podcasts to films etc. I feel like the fun part of building a business is you can make it what you want, you can learn the rules then break them. The early stage of your business is the best time to experiment, make mistakes and see what’s working!”

Cassy Martinez, Host of Globethotter

“Your weirdness is your super power! Embrace what makes you different, and own your niche. Someone, somewhere will benefit from you and your message - so don’t water yourself down or make yourself small.”

Plant Pianaka, Digital Creator & Influencer

“My best piece of advice is to fall in love with failure and don’t be afraid to be cringe. Nobody is the best in the beginning but it’s the relinquishing of fear that allows you to pursue it, get better over time and enjoy the growth”

Brooklen Farley & Morgan Goree, Founders of KindBodyTherapy

“Think about sustainability more than anything. you’re going to have to put a lot of time and energy into your business starting out, so be intentional and think about how sustainable your product/service is!”

Morgan Brittani, Founder of Joyday

“Be patient. Not only with yourself but with what you are building. It is going to take time (oh, and cherish the little joys along the way).”

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Sam Safer Valentine, Co-Founder of Norby

“You will constantly be doing hard things as an entrepreneur at any stage of that journey. You will constantly feel discomfort and then growth. Trust yourself and don’t let perfectionism get the better of you. Execute to the best of your abilities - that is all you can ask for.”

Devin Ki’Elle McGhee, Co-Founder & CEO of Deon Libra

“You have to trust yourself. Even if you don’t in the beginning, it’s imperative you learn to. Everyone around you will have an opinion about what’s best for you and your company (even those that have never embarked on an entrepreneurial journey themselves), but you have to stand firm in your vision. If entrepreneurship was easy, everyone would do it. If the vision was for them, God would have given it to them… but he gave it to YOU! Chase it. Own it. And, when you’re scared… DO IT SCARED!”

Claire Xue, Founder of Moodelier

“I wish I had a community of like-minded people from all kinds of backgrounds, and I wish I was less of a perfectionist and more of an action-taker.” 

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Nick Gerard, Co-Founder of Norby

“Learn to hang with all kinds of people, but don’t try to be anyone but yourself.” 

Sophie Gragg, Founder of Luna Magazine

“Learn what you can and just dive in. You 
will never be “ready” enough. Tap into your passion, be kind and the rest will work out.”

Barbiana Liu, Content Creator & Brand Designer

“I wish I spent more time finding like-minded people and networking with talents in all kinds to support each other during our entrepreneurial journey.️” 

Meet The Disruptors: Shyne Webster Of Designed by Shyne On The Five Things  You Need To Shake Up Your Industry | by Fotis Georgiadis | Authority  Magazine | Medium

Shyne Webster, Brand Strategist & Designer

“Brag on yourself, but stay humble. A big part of business is articulating your value and taking advantage of opportunities with confidence, but an attitude of service and humility in those things has led to a lot of lasting relationships. People want to help kind, talented people.”

Kelly Bennett, Host of “Creative Direction with Kelly Bennett”

“There's an overwhelming amount of things you 'could' or 'should' be doing to build your creative small business. Invest in the creative direction of your brand from your story, experience, to messaging (all the things that happen before the design of a logo). Craft a product or service you can do really freaking well (consistently!) and get known for. And, community is the best way to market your business.”

Doone Roisin, Founder of Female Startup Club

"Start building your online presence! The world has changed so much and you have the power to build a community from scratch [and] for free just with an iPhone and time. Being able to create compelling content and stories is the most important skill set of our generation IMO. Even if you’re still working your nine to five, think about Future You and what your goals are when you look down the track. I encourage you to jump on TikTok and take advantage of its craziness – it could literally change your life."

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