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Hang with the Multihyphenate Mindful Entrepreneur, Kara Ladd

Q: Who are you, what do you do? How long have you been doing it and why do you do it?

A: My name is Kara Ladd and I’m the founder of KL Consulting, a conscious marketing consultancy that focuses on soul-centered storytelling & brand building to activate our greatest potential. I also am a writer, speaker & host in the spiritual health space. I’ve been a creative entrepreneur for 4 years and counting — and it has been quite the ride!

I first started freelancing in 2018 after healing from a one-in-a-million cancer diagnosis in 2016. Although it was a traumatic journey it truly was a positive catalyst in both my personal & professional life. It was the conduit for embarking on a solopreneur journey in search of a more fulfilling, aligned & purpose-driven path — which is how I would describe the work that I do today as a multihyphenate mindful entrepreneur. 


Q: Why did you need a platform like Norby – what were your challenges? Where did you feel like something was missing?

A: Fostering a community with strong, seamless engagement is instrumental as a digital entrepreneur — and yet, increasingly difficult given the fragmented landscape. I’ve been in search for a platform that “does it all” and Norby is just that — multichannel links, events, newsletter, texting & more. It’s a platform that not only supports what I do in my day-to-day, but where I want to go. It’s a platform that I can grow into. 

Norby actually served me a solution that I wasn’t even able to clearly identify yet. I am always thinking of new ways to engage my community & I believe SMS marketing is that missing piece. Although I still am building out my community text strategy, I feel it’s the next step in my personal brand’s strategic journey that I want to lean into. 

Q: Why do you enjoy using Norby? How Has it made your life easier/optimized your workflow?

A: I have kept it simple thus far with solely links, but I’m most excited to experiment with the texting and newsletter integration. The templates were also a fun & turnkey way to express my personal brand’s style — without the extra time spent custom designing an interface. You can easily integrate your brand’s visual identity to keep all of your platforms consistent & cohesive. I can’t wait to get some of my clients on Norby as well.

The user interactions have helped glean insights into my top performing pages & what offerings people are currently gravitating towards. I recently launched a new 1:1 Holistic Brand Building Intensive, so these analytics have been helpful to see how many people are interested in the offering vs. completing the alignment application. Pair that data with the date transparency, and I’m able to A/B test what promotional content is working & optimizing my strategy moving forward.

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