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Hang with For Others Co-Founder, Brandon Blum

Q: Who are you, what do you do? How long have you been doing it and why do you do it?

A: We are For Others, a responsibly-sourced clothing brand that launched in summer of 2021 and is on a mission to make it easier to impact your local community in style. We take a portion of every item sold, and reinvest it back into the local communities where our items are purchased in or delivered to. With food insecurity sky rocketing across America during the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations and businesses were asking their communities for donations to help those in need. But where was the donation money going? What was the money doing, exactly? And who was the money directly benefiting? This murkiness was the catalyst that ultimately set the For Others mission in motion. Today, we are focused on growing our brand and spreading the mission. We want to inject positive impact into the fashion world without compromising quality, style, or brand.  


Q: Why did you need a platform like Norby – what were your challenges? Where did you feel like something was missing?

A: We have been using LinkTree for awhile. We like it as a landing page, but that’s all it offers. It’s not enough. We host and promote events and really need a solution that allowed us to create event pages and communicate with RSVPs easily and efficiently.

Q: Why do you enjoy using Norby? How Has it made your life easier/optimized your workflow?

A: We love that, with Norby, we can quickly create an event link, shoot a reminder email/text, and follow up with the same audience - all within one integrated platform. As we begin to use Norby more, we are enjoying how custom we can get with fonts, colors, etc. Norby allows us to brand our link in bio much better than competitors. 

The noteworthy metric so far, for us, is the open/click rate for the pre- and post- event emails we sent for our launch event earlier this month. Almost all RSVPs opened the emails, and click rate was ~20% (not a huge RSVP list, mind you). But as long as we continue to provide value (the link in the email that gave us a 20% click-thru was a link to photos from the event), we expect Norby’s capabilities to continue to give us an opportunity to connect effectively with our customers/audience. 

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