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Ellen Yin's Cubicle to CEO Podcast: Doubling Downloads with Innovative Community Engagement Tools

"Norby is a first-of-its-kind, community-centered platform that has helped us form deeper relationships with our audience."
Ellen Yin

About Cubicle to CEO

Cubicle to CEO® brings you weekly case-study interviews with leading entrepreneurs and CEOs who are sharing what's actually working right now on their globally ranked top 100 entrepreneurship podcast and weekly newsletter. Built so entrepreneurs can skip the expensive and time-consuming learning curve by borrowing what actually works from the best and brightest business mentors every Monday. The podcast is hosted by Ellen Yin - who bootstrapped a $300 freelance project into over $2.5 million in revenue by age 29.

The Problem and Solution

Ellen and the Cubicle to CEO team were looking to drive downloads of their podcast and deeply engage with their community and podcast listeners. They created a "Podcast Concierge" service through Norby's SMS Sends and Inbox features.  Each week, they directly deliver the new podcast episode link to their listeners' phones, and then they open up a dialogue by giving listeners the opportunity to text them back and request custom playlists, suggest guests or topics for future episodes, or ask questions. By signing up for the weekly podcast texts, listeners also receive their own unique referral link that they can share with their network, and the Cubicle to CEO team is able to track and reward them for new text sign-ups they refer. This rewards program builds loyalty with existing listeners and gamifies growing their audience with new listeners by incentivizing existing listeners to become ambassadors of the show. They also use Norby SMS to increase show-up rates to live events + online webinars and learn more about who their audience is by allowing them to opt-in for free resources in exchange for helpful information like their Instagram handle, phone number, email etc.

Through Norby they’ve been able to double their monthly podcast downloads by implementing the Podcast Concierge Service in combination with other growth strategies. They’ve made tens of thousands of dollars from course sales through direct 1-on-1 conversations with leads they acquired through Norby Sign-Ups and their show-up rates for live digital or in-person events increase by at least 20% every time they’ve used Norby's SMS Text Sends

Ellen notes: “Norby is a first-of-its-kind, community-centered platform that has helped us form deeper relationships with our audience through their personalized SMS text features and other direct communication tools to reach our people where they're most engaged. Norby's relationship-driven values are reflected not just in their tech products, but how they treat their users with the world-class customer care they provide.” 

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