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AmazeWallet's Global Surge: Marketing Solutions for Fast Community Growth

About Amazewallet

AmazeWallet is on a mission to build the infrastructure that allows people to simply and securely manage their valuable assets, data and social life online. With smartphones increasingly being the key to decentralization and mass adoption and with 7 billion of them worldwide, Amazewallet has enabled them to do much more than you imagine. Their app to get crypto is used in over 100 countries and with over 130k users and counting. 

The Problem & Solution

Amazewallet came to Norby looking for a solution for their virtual events and email marketing. Through Norby’s integrated platform they have been able to seamlessly manage their event registrations and the end-to-end marketing for their events. With their global events program they have hosted over 45,000 people interested in crypto and counting and over 75,000 unique visitors to their pages. Using a full suite of email reminders and follow ups they have been able to increase their show up rates and are able to remarket to those registrants for future events. In total 800,000 emails have been sent driving app downloads, promotions, content and event attendance. 

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