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Understand your audience and explore hidden trends – with no setup required.

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Norby's analytics and CRM tools help you understand your audience and explore hidden trends – so you can convert even more customers. With automatic link, click, visit, and referral tracking, Norby sets you up for growth from the start, with no special configuration required. Norby will automatically create segments for you based on user activity, like users who attended events, opened emails, or clicked links. Then, you can use tags, notes, and custom lists to further segment and refine your audience. What's more, you can save any of your segments as their own live views for easy reporting, sharing, and exporting.

"Once you immerse yourself in these tools, you will wonder how you ever existed without Norby."

Aliza Licht
Author, Podcaster, Marketer
Join over 10,000 creative entrepreneurs and small businesses building with Norby.

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