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Meet Norby, the AI-powered communications platform designed to help you grow. Host events, send text and email campaigns, collect leads, and more - to start, or scale - whatever it is you’re building.
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Why Norby 

Our integrated communications platform has every tool you need to market like an expert - no matter your size or scale. Each tool is easy to use and powerful on its own. But when you use them all together - it feels like magic.

Take back your time to create.


Grow your audience
Create signup pages that convert with our easy-to-use landing page builder.


Build relationships
Automate your marketing, host events, and send texts, emails, and DMs from one place.


Uncover insights
Take the guesswork out of your next move with in-depth analytics and automatic click, share, and referral tracking.


Own your data
Activate your audience wherever, whenever, without relying on social media platforms.

Powering businesses all over the world

Simplify your stack

Stop platform hopping and juggling tons of sales and marketing tools. Norby includes everything you need to build, launch, and grow.

Simplify your stack

Norby includes everything you need to build, launch, and grow your brand.

Pages & Forms

Create a seamless, branded experience that turns your audience into engaged, paying customers. Capture leads, onboard clients, and collect information with our easy-to-use landing page and signup flow builder.

Events & Tracking

Build your event in minutes, send reminders, and view engagement from one integrated dashboard. With automatic link, click, and referral tracking built in, you can finally ditch the spreadsheets and track everything easily from one place.

Email & SMS Campaigns

Send email campaigns, reminders, and alerts with our simple (but powerful) drag-and-drop builder. Use text messages to build deeper relationships with your audience and drive engagement for drops, activations, and launches.

Analytics & CRM

Reach your contacts over text message, DM, or email – all from one dashboard. Our analytics tool will help you understand your audience and explore hidden trends so you can convert even more customers.

How to Norby

Get started quickly – then customize infinitely.

Showcase your work

Easily import your social, business and other important links to set up your Norby page in a snap.

Customize your brand

Choose a pre-set theme or design your Norby with a few clicks  to make it look and feel like you.

Build your list

Create sign up forms to start capturing leads for your email and SMS campaigns.

Bring your people

Import your contacts and connect your external accounts using our integrations suite.

Nurture your audience

Build deeper relationships with email marketing , SMS campaigns and events.

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1:1 Support

Our support team is here to help you every step of the way.  Need help getting started? Have a technical question? Want a quick demo of a new feature? Schedule time with our Support Specialists to get the 1:1 attention you deserve.
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How To Norby

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Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base provides answers to most common questions, and if you get stuck, you can always connect with a member of our team for some additional 1:1 support.
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You're in good company.

Join thousands of creative entrepreneurs and small businesses – from experts and educators to podcasters and TikTokers – using Norby's platform and resources to unlock new opportunities and grow their businesses.
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You're in good company.

From experts and educators to podcasters and TikTokers, Norby’s toolkit and resources help unlock new opportunities and turn your passion into a successful business.